Lost Lands 2018

The leaves are beginning to change and festival season has officially come to an end. September 16th marked the date of my last hoorah for 2018. Held at Legend Valley in the small little town of Thornville in the great state of Ohio, around 40,000 headbangers gathered at the most magical dinosaur filled land called Lost Lands, a prehistoric paradise for us EDM lovers. With a massive lineup including artists like Yheti, Excision, Ganja White Night, Illenium, Flux Pavilion, Jauz, Slander, Nero, Bleep Bloop, Herobust, Said the Sky, Snails, and many more, it was easily won the number one spot for the best weekend of my summer.

I drive by this outdoor concert venue every weekday on my way to work, so I was fortunate enough to see the eventful process of everything being shipped in and set up. Try focusing on the road while driving by and seeing dozens of life-sized dinosaurs alongside the road. Only slightly distracting. Of course, we had to touch them once we got the chance. Squishy, life-like, moving dinosaurs. They don’t mess around when it comes to décor. From the chic vine-covered wall that lined the entrance to the picture-perfect scenes made for selfies, I was thoroughly impressed and easily understood why it took them two weeks to prepare. They do such an incredible job with this fest.

My favorite set of the entire weekend ended up being Yheti. He easily takes the cake when it comes to best visuals, beats, and mixes. Honestly, I hadn’t listened to him much beforehand but I have become quite the fan after Lost Lands. “It’s Like That” was so incredible live, the crowd was loving it. Obviously, Excision nailed every performance. Illenium, producer and DJ, turned me into an even bigger fan after his energetic, melodic performance. Sets ended around 12AM but the sound camps and parties went on until about 4AM. Needless to say, sleep was a rarity.

The withdrawal ensued in only about 48 hours afterward which was perhaps due to the fact that I was still sleeping until the 49th hour. We had LYTT on deck all weekend long, a must when you have dozens of sets to catch. It ended up being the easiest type of drink to bring since they come in cans. When camping, the easier the better, especially when it’s LYTT FRT PNCH because I’m a lover of all things fruit punch.

It is always a sad day when you realize that the festival season has come to an end but you can bet my festival fund is already accruing funds for 2019. Lost Lands is definitely at the top of my list for next year, along with a few others such as Electric Forest, of course.

Excision Lost Lands 2018 Music Festival Dinosaur

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